Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Long time no talk...

Strike a pose $10.00

Sorry about that. Ive kinda fallen off the blogging wagon, but Ive made it my goal to keep up with this blog. Since I now post all my new pieces in our Etsy shop I plan to expand this blog a little more and post other things that interest me and that I hope interest you.

I have been doing some major organizing of my craft stuff lately and have found I have WAY WAY more then I could ever use. I have 1 or 2 of several cute little things im going to make into limited pieces. Ill be posting these on facebook as a first come first serve sort of thing so I can clear of some extra supplies I have hanging around.

These are 2 sets from last weeks batch that I have let. I have 2 of each set available. They are $6.00 each. If you are interested send me an email. I also have a special in the shop right now {till 7/10) if you spend $20 you get a free clip set. This can be one of the LE sets or we can custom create a set together.