Friday, March 5, 2010

Summer Fun!

Finally got some new stuff made! I think these will be some fun summer styles!

St Patty's day fun

Made to match Gymborees's "Little Goldfish"

Cute little clover

Pink Passion
(these flowers are made of a paper mache material not normal fabric)

Jeweled Rosettes
(red, fuchsia, or white)
Large $5.00 or small $3.00
Get all 3 for $12.00 or $7.00
(below small and large comparison)
Get a mommy and me set (any color)

Sherbet blossoms
Can make a smaller sized one for little babies for $5.00
I can also put them on a metal headband for $2.00 more
Summer essentials
Colors include: Sun flower yellow, Bright purple, Hot pink, Sea blue, Lime green, Neon orange, and a cute stripped bow in coordinating colors .
UPDATE: This ribbon will now replace the original stripped ribbon shown in the picture.
Is it super cute with a hot pink, orange, blue, green and yellow stripe.



  1. What exactly are the colors of the summer essentials set?

    Oh and I blogged about how I love your bows! =)

  2. Ashley the colors included are Sun flower yellow, Bright purple, Hot pink, Sea blue, Lime green, Neon orange and the striped one has a purple, orange, green and pink stripe.

    **Thank you for bringing to my attention I didnt post them. I spaced it**