Monday, February 21, 2011

Hair style Ideas and a tutorial

I've had a few people ask me for some style ideas to use with our new bobby pins so I invited my sister over and did a few on her to give you some ideas on how we wear them. If you have questions or anything feel free to shoot me an email at Hope you enjoy!

The standard:
This is how we most commonly wear ours. Simply pull your bangs/hair to the side and stick the bobby pin in!

The Braid:
Another simple style to wear your bobby pin with. I curled her hair with the straightener first.

Cute little pigtails:
This would be an easy style for second day hair... Do the one above the first day and follow it with this! The front is very loosely twisted into the pigtails which are sprayed and ratted to give them some volume.

The Twist:
 Our favorite way to wear them! Followed by a small picture tutorial on how we do it.

Step One:
Grab the front section of hair and start to twist is backwards. Slowly grab more hair as you go down, similar to a french braid.

Twist it down and little then start to go towards the back of your head.

Step two:
Take a bobby pin and stick in back down inside the twist so the end of the bobby pin is facing the front of your head. You may need more then one to get it really secure.

Step Three:
Open the end of your flower bobby pin and stick it in toward the back of your head. Make sure it goes over the one you put in first to add extra stability and then tuck the ends under some loose hair so you don't see them.

 The finished look:

I hope these have helped and you enjoy them. If you like them maybe I can do a couple others!


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